APEC Trade Ministers Opening New Market Frontiers for Small Firms

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Issued by the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting

Trade Ministers from the 21 APEC members have convened in Boracay intent on unlocking new and under-represented sources of trade and economic growth. Emphasis is on opening up cross-border business opportunities for small firms vital to boosting job creation, innovation and productivity within Pacific Rim economies.

Gregory Domingo, Philippine Secretary of Trade and Industry and Chair of the two-day APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting, explained the importance of widening micro and small business participation in international markets and taking forward ambitious policy solutions in his opening remarks on Saturday.

Mari Pangestu, Former Indonesia Trade Minister, on Asia-Pacific Integration for All

Press release

"You want to be able to continue on the openness agenda but to make sure that you deal with inequity issues then you have to make sure that the inclusiveness is there to balance the openness. In a way, it’s always been there in the three pillars of APEC"

Dr Mari Pangestu, Former Indonesia Minister of Trade and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy


Dr Mari Pangestu, Former Indonesia

Trabajan IES y Secretaría de Economía para que México tenga más participación en temas Asia Pacífico

*El secretario técnico del Consorcio Mexicano de Centros de Estudios APEC, José Ernesto Rangel Delgado, entregó su primer informe de actividades.
**La Secretaría de Economía pide a los académicos proyectos en torno a las PYMES.
***Buscan que México tenga un mayor impacto en organismos como APEC.


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